About Us


POOCH Botanics was founded by Rona Amaral, a health and wellness advocate!  Her passion in health has inspired her to create an all Natural, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-free care products for our four-legged fur babies.  

As a chemist and botanical formulation specialist, she understood the power of natural botanical ingredients and how they play an important role in your pooch's health and well being.  Her mission is to offer an ALL NATURAL and ORGANIC dog care products that you will LOVE, TRUST and USE with confidence.  You can be rest assured that the products you are applying on your pooch are extremely safe and offer many benefits to your pooch's overall health and vitality.


A HEALTHY pooch is a HAPPY pooch!

Every product is proudly formulated and made with LOVE in CANADA!

Rona Amaral
Founder & Botanical Formulator