POOCH Botanics believes in the health of our planet!  As a brand that is NATURE driven, we are dedicated in doing our part for the well-being of Mother Earth.  Our Natural and Organic products are 100% bio-degradable, meaning, that they will not harm any wildlife as they enter into our lakes, rivers and ocean!


When it comes to our manufacturing, we have taken special care in choosing our packaging, by ditching single use plastic.  Our Organic Shampoos and Conditioners are packaged in HDPE food grade recyclable bottles.  Our Nourishing Balms are packaged in re-useable and recyclable aluminum containers.  Our labels are printed on eco-friendly paper as well as printed using crushed rock method utilizing no trees, no water, or no bleach.  We have also eliminated outer packaging for all of our products.

Our mailing packages are made from environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, including our pawsome eco-friendly packaging tape (no glue), postcards, boxes and fillers (no bubble wrap).

We believe in SUSTAINABILITY and protecting Earth's natural resources, ecosystems, climate and atmosphere.  We can do so by creating and using products that do not compromise our planet. 

As David Attenborough has said "We must manage our impact and become in balance with Nature"... only then will our planet thrive!

Made with LOVE in Canada!
Made with the environment in mind!